When Bad Things Happen to Good Instruments

Parents and Students:

If something happens to an instrument when it's away from school, (1) DON'T PANIC and (2) DO NOT TRY TO FIX IT.

Many things look worse than they really are and are actually easy fixes for a teacher to make. Do not try to repair anything, even if it looks simple. Please respect school property and let us take care of it. We are trained to be able to fix many common problems with instruments. In fact, many things (like strings coming loose) are common and are caused by the weather, not the student. The student will in no way be in trouble or charged for a repair unless there has been obvious gross negligence, unsafe handling, carelessness resulting in breakage, or if you have tried to repair a problem on your own and broke something.

Below are pictures of common problems that occur with stringed instruments that we can easily fix. If these happen, the student needs to pack up the instrument without playing it and return it to school for a teacher to look at and fix. Thank you for your cooperation!

This is a broken string that popped from the weather. The student opened her case and found her violin like this.